Our Process

Controlled harvesting from plantation pine forest  

Wood industries handcrafted serving trays are made exclusively from Australian plantation pine. Thanks to the forethought of early governors, planting of pine commenced over 100 years ago and continues with over 1,000,000 new trees being planted annually. The benefit to the environment is immense, from a seedling in the nursery through to full growth at about 30 years at which stage a tree can use up to a tonne of CO2 each year as it sucks up carbon dioxide.

Through careful research many areas of semiarid land have been improved and planted with pine seedlings, resulting in plantations spread across many thousands of hectares right across Australia, largely in rural and regional areas, providing employment and livelihood for hundreds of communities. Sawmilling is largely undertaken in regional areas thus providing work for a variety of trades.

The processing of finished products such as wood industries handcrafted wooden serving trays, includes finger jointing and laminating short lengths of product that otherwise may have been discarded, thus eliminating waste. Finger jointed pine is a solid pine timber where the board is created using small, individual pieces joined together with glue and small interlocking ‘fingers’ to create a neat zig zag effect at the join site. All knots are eliminated in this process. Even sawdust and wood shavings are supplied to meet demand from agriculture, so no waste is produced to harm the environment.